Your banning system is broken

Yo, Finally got my permaban, so proud!! The day you will understand that evaluating toxic players only through chat is broken, it will be a huge, massive, fucking - BIG DAY - . Plus why ban an account when you could ban him from chat only, since THAT, is what's bothering the crying kids 90% of the time! Now for this I would like to say a special thanks to all the people who: - AFK (partially or whole game) -Troll (insta lock, picking wrong matchup, picking wrong champ for team mix) -don't play as a team and let you pay the consequences -feed and keep feeding and blame you for their bad choices -push lanes solo, die and try again, and would obviously blame you, yes, AGAIN -don't help getting blue/red, ganking, defending: I mean its your job man come on, who needs help! -blame everything on you and even MORE, as not getting drake or baron (yes you are the JUNGLER its YOUR job) -pretend its just a game and its ok to make others lose their ambition to quit silver league To all these people again, I would also like to add - FUCK YOU! Yes, I believe in free speech and I can say WHATEVER damn pleases me. Now I know Rito is an United-States of American byproduct, and feel obliged to force their beliefs upon us that FUCK is more dangerous than a fully loaded M4 hold by a toddler, but come on USA, grow the FUCK up. Anyways, don't worry, I am still around, we will have the opportunity to meet again, and will as usual express my anger to you, appropriately, of course. Best, Peeka. PS: I included the email I received by Rito, enjoy. > Permanent Account Suspension PeekaB0o, Your account has received a permanent suspension following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ thx BRO i come bb sit bot fuking noob sup k im gonna leaave ur all shiit shut up report this team always land with noobs see not one lane is good dude ur useless plz stop mid is op then mute me bard go fuking bot u idiot love this team ill jungle so ill stop dying for nothing 5-0 fiz feed him more report this fuking whore WHHYY NOOBS to kick ur self 0-5 fuking 3rd game with noobs like you useless bard finish thx see this team doesnt even care about baron they are just wondering around doing nothing or yes they are feeding 4v1 YEY@ "KEEP FARMING go we will win ur the man bard u r op same for me finish useless bard lol cant even 3v1 nauti go finish this boring game rofl this 0 dmg never help sure ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your behavior means you are no longer welcome in the League of Legends community. >
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