how to not get tilted?

i've been permabanned 3 times now,i've made 131231231 new accounts and on every single one i got chat restrict,i made this i got to 15-16lvl idk which one i am but i just got chat restrict,so if anyone can tell me how can i chill,would appericiate it,any comments like ur toxic or anything related to unhelpful will be ignored,only helpful tips, stuff u dont need to tell me: play some music,nope,still the same,if i get titled,i flame,music doesnt do anything mute all,i cant mute them becaues i need to see what they're writting or talking sthats it,sometimes im calm even tho i get flamed and everything,lets take example for now,my jungler disconnected because my adc didnt use heal to save him,and i got so tilted and started to flame everything,not a person,but everything else,rito too,last 12031902312 games they ban my champion and im forced to play champion i dont want,i usually also get tilted when they kill me 2v1 or something like that or when they are 0/15 but say ez. im 17 years old so also comments like ur 12 blil be ignored.
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