Being a beginner in League SUCKS

Okay so since you've read the title, you probably already know that i'm going to whine about how beginners in League sometimes end up not playing this game anymore and give up. And the reason they do is quite obvious: they get flamed and harrassed so bad. I, myself have just started playing this game and have always opted for playing against bots because I feared that in PvP my teammates won't tolerate my lame a$$ :) And I was right lmao. _(won't blame them much but the harrassment was unnecessary)_ So my question is: wasn't everyone a noob at some point in their life? or you all born pros at everything? It really annoys me how some people act so high and mighty and keep bringing new players down. **WE CAN ALL HAVE FUN TOGETHER AS TEAMMATES SUPPORTING EACH OTHER AND GIVING ADVICE TO ONE ANOTHER INSTEAD OF RUINING THE GAME FOR EVERYONE**. (Oh and there's no need to tell me to "toughen up" and say "it's frustrating to play with noobs since they always make us lose the game" or any similar things to that. ) We all get mad when we end up losing the game or feeding especially if we're the ones causing it so please refrain from insulting someone who is struggling and feeling just as frustrated as you are. And taking out your frustration on a teammate isn't going to help you win. I hope you all got my point and thank you for reading. _sorry for all of you "pros" out there who have to SuFFeR when playing with a DuMb beginNeR or what you call a BoT :)_
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