Playing off-meta picks and teamplay

This annoys me a lot recently. When I'm bored with ranked I sometimes play normals. Generally you have a chance to be matched with lower elo players. Offcourse they are low elo for a reason but their some hugh pointers that really start to bother me: * Like the adc that refuses to rotate to toplane (or midlane if our midlaner has low waveclear) after we won lane. Litterly every time they start feeding by pushing bot without a jungle to back them up. It litterly stalls the game every freaking time. Just by doing that you stall that game with like 15 minutes (that if the adc didn't die a single time). Generally the game changes from a 15 minute win to a 50/50 35 minutes win. Good lord * Having a midlaner that doesn't start 0-2 in the first 5 minutes. It's not the first time their midlaner is camping bot on level 3 without getting punished add all. Still better than an 0-5 toplaner I guess. * The random engages before or after objectives. Our marksmen is not back from base yet. Who think it's a good idea to 1v5 as a jungler. But it get's even better. The random 1v5 after the objective is lost * Not waiting till ults are up: * Malp ult in 10 seconds, an ally has been slayed (tried to 1v5) * Malp ult in 3 seconds, an ally has been slayed (tried to 1v5) * Malp ult is up, sigh an 3v5 would be suicide, an ally has been slayed (tried to 1v5). And this is when you play a meta pick. It only get's worse with off-meta picks that require a certain playstyle in order to be effective. Take an passive/aggressive support for example that needs to work arround certain powerspike. Jup telling your team to play passive isn't going to work out. If your lucky only 10 kills has fallen in the first 10 minutes. What could be a free win eventually ends into a nightmare. Seriously they even manage to lose 2 turrets the moment everyone was still level 4... How can someone manage todo that. The reversed playstyle the aggressive/passive off-meta supports actually have the reversed effect. Your team is 0-10 in the first 5 minutes. Don't worry let me just penta with {{champion:1}} support. I had games where I was full build when my adc was still working on his first item (without stealing cs btw). I can understand their is a gap between low & high elo but right now it's litterly that terrible that playing certain picks is litterly impossible.
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