I don't want to play league after this...

So i've make to Gold 2 today, lost one game right after promoting, then queued up for next game, picked jhin, we went into game, me and my support karma were able to get First Blood level 2, then my Kata died to annie, then annotation about enemy irelia getting double kill appeared, he killed darius and rengar. Well ok, i told to myself, shit happens, and 1 minute later, irelia got double kill again, and annie killed kata one more time. Then we died to enemy jungler gank, and while i was dead, and walking back to lane, i've checked the other lanes to see why it is going so poorly. And i saw, that rengar and darius are in lane, staying in minions, and dancing, then irelia came, and got another double kill and they were just laughing. So rengar didnt even went jungle, all his buffs were untouched, he just straight run to toplane just to feed with darius, as i found out they were premades, Rengar Darius and Kata, had same club tag. So those 3 were feeding whole game, it's not like they were trying to play and were bad, or made mistakes, NO! They just went to die to enemy straight. Result - wasted 20 minute time and nervers. After seeing stuff like this i don't even want to play anymore! It would be much better if they were like toxic but actually did play, did try to do something, but this just sucks! I want to know how system works when you report someone for intentional feeding, and does the system work at all?? I have feeling that like that system doesnt even give a damn about what's going on in <plat elo, i think reports in <plat mean nothing. But i really would like to see those guys suspended at least for some time
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