What is happening to the game?

So a few years ago i was a Platinum, before that i was always Gold player (around season 2-5). After reaching Plat, i stopped playing for like a year and came back right at the end of the season (I believe Oct. 2017). Did my promo games and got placed Gold. Then new season hit, i played my promos, got placed silver (it was a true hell getting back to gold). Then got stuck between gold 3-5. Always promoting and demoting cause of the occasional leaver or a troll. But this season is a true HELL. I mean it literally. I've had my worst promo games ever (usually 8/2 or 7/3 one time 9/1). I had a 3w/7l, promo, got placed Silver 3. I started playing trying to get up again. Spend weeks playing to reach gold. And i had a 10L more than the winning games. My MMR was fine. I reached Gold last week. After that, all went to HELL. I play "Fill" so everyone can get what they can play best. And have some hope for a win, but no... Every game there is at least one leaver or a troll, some games both + another one. There are few examples of the latest ones I've had: 1- Selection screen, everything is fine. ADC guy asks if he can go MID. Mid saying "No sorry". ADC guy, selects annie and instalocks. Saying "Nope i go mid, it's my promo, can't risk it.". At this point we stuck with 2 ap mid champs, 1 tank top and 1 a normal jung. I've been placed support so i get a ADC champion, not knowing what else to do. In that time the chat (still selection screen) is burning between troll MID(Adc) and actual Mid. Game starts (no one dodges I'm already too many points behind to afford that kind of luxury). The actual mid comes bot as support. The troll not only playing the champ for the first time (judging by the 0 points show on selection screen) but also utra feeds the enemy. And ofc we lost. 2- Latest game. I've been placed support again. Team looks fine, normal picks. Game starts. Everything looks fine. We got a bronze Talon, Mid with 0 points, ok, i can deal with that. Lane phase starts. Adc (jinx) gets caught by enemy brand and being melted by Vayne. Me being Velkoz level one spam Q's as much as i can. She's going to die, i see Brand 1 hit, shoot him to secure FB and i do, right after my adc dies. Things are fine, we can make it. She comes back. Goes right into enemies (they lvl 3 she lvl 1). Gets stunned again. Get's killed again, i get double in the process. Things repeat. She comes bot, goes right in and dies. Then comes back goes on lane, stays one stop (probaly typing the next thing im gonna quote" and dies again. Saying "Go support top, i cannot farm 1v3" Me looking at level 2 adc, 0/4, and having a 3/0 score level 5. I'm like no. She's like "ok i go top then". Leaves lane, goes mid, dies, goes top, dies. Then goes AFK. 3- Game starts as normal, idk what i was playing doens't really matter. We got a mid. 0/2 first 5 mins. Saying "Ok %%%% this, i can't do anything" followed by a rage quit and never coming back. Game continues we play for 40 mins and lose. Those are just the freshest ones i remember. Every game is filled with people like that. Die 1-2 times, start flaming, insulting that team is their problem, jungle is not ganking or just leave the game. Right now i have 30 more loses than wins. My mmr is so low i gain 13 points per win and 24 per loss. Got demoted to Silver 4. And don't see any hopes going back up to gold. Cause i probably need 15 wins in a row, which is never gonna happen. Cause i cannot do anything on my own. So how is it fair for people to lose so much time and efford, just for one person. That in the end is gonna get what? A 3 game, 3 hour, 3 days bann? Nobody cares for that, since they already lost their points and it's his 10th alt account at this moment. And he does it just to troll people. This game is so filled with alt accounts, or smurfs, that you can know for sure just seeing the name "completemoron1248127" or "EpicTroll2178" or "yasuomain421". I just don't know what is happening to the game. And it's getting worse. I doubt i'm the only one in this scenario. And i've been hearing people complaining of trolls in all divisions up to diamond. And i don't know why the players have to get punished by getting low mmr, when most of them are just being trolled by others. So tell me RIOT, how am i supposed to "grow up" in the game, when i'm getting punished for others? Lately I've been in a bad place in life, have plenty of time on my hands. And since season started i've been playing day and night trying to get to gold and above. Have 140 wins 170 loses. And i'm just going down, cause of some people with millions of accounts. And i've got so much time invested in the game and money, and what do i get after all? Nothing....
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