Got banned, I think for no reason

Edit: My support ticket was answered, my ban was lifted, and my honor level is back to normal, thanks everyone for your support and thx riot for lifting my ban :) so there was this ARAM game, in which our master yi flamed us and the enemy team. after a while of getting on my nerves I talked back to him. he was spamming "sh** teammates" and stuff like that (the sux was me copying what he said) ------------------------------------------------------ this is the my chat log: Game 1 Golden Penguin1: holy Golden Penguin1: yeah im high Golden Penguin1: i mean he is tryharding in aram Golden Penguin1: and u r tryharding in aram Golden Penguin1: sux Golden Penguin1: sry for enjoying and not tryharding like u Golden Penguin1: its like u will care from playing bloodmoon if u lose Golden Penguin1: so dont call people %%% Golden Penguin1: bet u r going on the street saying to people "hi %%%" Golden Penguin1: no one cares Golden Penguin1: why are people so toxic in aram Golden Penguin1: well we all play league of legends Golden Penguin1: so none of us got life Golden Penguin1: 1452 dmg from w Golden Penguin1: kench Golden Penguin1: w Golden Penguin1: t Golden Penguin1: f ---------------------------------------------------------- do you think its bannable? (didn't say a word in champ select except np) after the game my friends invited me and my league kind of went buggy so I restarted my computer, when I got back on I see the message of banned for 14 days edit: the no one cares was after he said "I just farted" edit2: I didn't get a single chat restriction EVER

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