Support refusing to play support

I just had one of these games and I was wondering is there any chance these kinds of people get banned for this behavior? My support last game just went galio support, which is fine and dandy, but then he goes corrupting potion and just started csing in lane, pushing it hard and later taking kills. Somehow we still managed to win despite galio baiting us several times, like just leaving 2v2 or 3v2 and mocking/flaming us in chat, mute function was a blessing. So I was wondering does it help reporting these kinds of players, who refuse to do what they should? It is not like there are high requirements on gameplay, but just refusing the support item and just farming and ksing in lane is really annoying, it feels like you have to fight 3 people in lane. In the end he had 98 cs. Btw before you say he might not be used to that role or autofilled, that person seems to queue up for support and just doesn't buy support items these past few games.
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