The judgement system is completely corrupt.

!Another supposed "QQ" thread incoming, beware if you don't like the truth or if you're a brainwashed Rioter! So, if you've ever been restricted in any way, you'll know this scenario:After one-two games of arguing with flamers or trolls, you get a popup you've been chat restricted or suspended or such. And you're given a "chat log" that is completely and utterly rigged. Faults of this: Number 1. Riot preaches that "oh mai gawd someone may have a bad day" and yet he bans the living shit out of you if you flame certain trolls for two games straight on the same day. There's literally zero justice in this. Number 2. They don't take the whole chat log, oooohhh noo, they take ONLY YOUR MESSAGES and make them seem like you're the most evil piece of crap flaming toxic troll in the world. They LITERALLY take what you say OUT OF IT'S CONTEXT, and ban you based on THAT EVIDENCE. It's like you were conversing about how you like to farm a certain enemy in World of Warcraft, and someone takes it out of its context and you are jailed because clearly somewhere in the world you have a farm where human slaves work for you. The one you were responding to(who flames the living crap out of you for 40 minutes straight and gets you annoyed in the first place) of course gets no punishment whatsoever. There's literally zero justice in this. Number 3. Chat restrictions are USELESS. Absolutely USELESS I tell you. Because what do chat restrictions do for you? They're not for a certain time, so you cannot just wait it out and not play then. Oh no... You have to play games where you can NOT communicate with your team. Yes. That's justice. "Hey, this guy has been toxic for the last singular game, let's make it so he hates the people and the game itself for the next 10/25 games!" It literally provokes nothing but anger. And no it's not preventive, because that's not how toxicity and flaming works. So, you have to play games where you are literally prohibited from properly communicating with your team, just calling out that the enemy does not have flash up or that they're doing drake depletes all your messages. This causes nothing but anger and more toxicity. "But it stops people from being toxic!" Eeeeerm... NO? I can perfectly flame my team and their team and the entire universe in five sentences over time, it doesn't prohibit me from flaming if I really do want to flame, which I don't, the single thing that chat restrictions cause is anger and more toxicity. As you may have guessed I made this thread directly after I got banned from League for two weeks, but you know what? Riot, you finally did good. You stopped me from playing this game with a terrible community and terrible developers. For that I have to thank you. I also am prohibited from spending any more money on random crap for said game. Finally, once in a lifetime, you did something good Riot. Well done. tldr If it wasn't for Riot's way of dealing with toxicity, there'd be a lot less actual toxicity. Riot is the literal reason why it is such a great feature of this game. If it wasn't for the useless report system and the restriction system, I can guarantee you there'd be barely any real toxicity. Sure it'd happen like in any other game, but not as much. If people wouldn't be able to report others, everyone would have to resort to the mute button. And you know what that would cause? Oh yes. People muting others in-game instead of flaming them, thus the flamers would have no way to actually flame since noone hears them, and everyone would be happy. Honestly this report system is for children... "Oh noes I cannot handle pressing the mute button so I'm gonna just use the report function instead" This may sound a little hypocritical, since I myself do not use it immediately and resort to arguing with whoever is being an asshole, but who cares really? Everyone else has nothing to do with the matter, and the other guy started flaming himself, so why would he be able to punish anyone else for striking back? And if for some reason I'm having a horrible losing streak and I'm frustrated and such and I start flaming, whoever I flame should either mute me or live with it like a grown up normal person. Anyways, point of this is that Riot's system of dealing with toxic players breeds toxic players and bans players with good qualities, the restriction system is rigged, the report system is absolute trash and the whole thing that is designed to make the game a better place just disgustingly makes it worse. This is literally the truth. 100%. You can deny it Riot, but it won't make you any better.
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