Racial Stereotyping and Such

I seem to have a lot of really nasty games with french and spanish players on this game and I decided it'd be a good idea to look up why French and Spanish players are so toxic and type "Noob" all the time, and it seems the unanimous thing on the forums is that anyone who says there's a stereotype is a racist and a bigot, and I think that's false. Racial Stereotyping is inherently true simply by the way each county have completely different cultures, thus making a different type of person at each different part of the world. I mean from personal experience the French players I meet are generally angry on games, however seem to always be nice IRL, same thing with the Spanish, although they don't really flame they just die a lot and vent in /all saying how every champ in the game is broken... I mean there was a Lux mid saying that Urgot was OP, I haven't laughed like that in a while. It's not just them though, I see many, many players from the North of England acting like they've come from a council estate and have 14 kids to look after screaming stuff like "OI MATE UR WELL SH** LOIKE" and getting generally angry all the time... tl;dr Necroposted on some threads and now I'm confused. Do you guys think Racial Stereotyping is true or false? This is obviously opinions but I'm interested. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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