Harrasment in champion select

Hi, for the first time of my life I made myself to write a ticket, because I seriously wasn't able to stand behaviour like this. In champion select I didn't realize, that after 5 or 6 interrupted champion selection my role changed from mid to the top. I took Vel'koz, which in my opinion is not that bad for the top. When i realized that I am at top lane, not mid lane, I still tried to cheer my team up and maby try to fix it with swap or something. Anyway, one of them started to rage, insulting me which probably cause 1 of our teammates to dogde/leave. He didn't show up in game, so I don't know wheter it was DC or intentional leave. Even though we were doing fine 4vs5 and I even won my lane, Lux were still negative in game, encouraging enemy team to report me for 'troll pick'. I do not wish any1 to play with person like this and I would never like to see any1 who acts like this. Do not rage or flame - its never helpful and it won't make you feel better. It can only casue your teammates to play worse or leave, which definitely reduce your chance to come back and win. Just 1 screenshot, but I belive people from RIOT can find full chat history. http://postimg.org/image/5f8cgz947/
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