Thank you Riot

Thank you for denying my account recover; after being hacked on the 12th of August 2019 and getting banned for third party software. I appreciate that my logs aren't being checked and I get the response you can't verify I am the owner. Back in 2012 you guys recovered my account and said it wasn't an issue, and recover my full account when I was hacked... However 7 years later; and 400-500 EUR spend, I get the response you can't help me. Guys protect your account and make sure to change your passwords every now and then; Lack of 2 factor authentication, made it so I lost my account and no serious look has been given in my situation at all. I am surprised that me the customer was told everything was fine and dandy back 7 years ago; but right now it appears I am a total different person and can't get my own account back. GG WP, I guess this is the end for me with this company
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