EUW players are nastier than EUNE players?

Hello. I created my account 4 years ago on EUNE and I've been playing intensively since then. I play support, and with thousands of games played I've peaked challenger in the last 3 seasons. I know EUW is known to have better players(atleast in higher elo). If you play on EUNE you will see that people get really irritated when these "west gods" smurfs there. I am one of those who gets easily annoyed by these west gods, and I still don't really believe that EUW is much better(a combination of stubbornness and being protective of your homeserver). This season I hit challenger on eune early, so I decided to buy a ticket to west(I already miss my old friendlist and server) to see where I stand amongs the EUW players. I got placed in platinum 1 after one game, which is the highest division you can ever get after placement, but my MMR is about diamond 1-2 according to opgg, the matchmaking and a little bit of research. I haven't really played many games, but with the small amounts of games I've played I noticed some of the players here bully in a whole different level. You know in my old server, people range from mild toxicity(9x for int, boosted player, ebay) to extreme toxicity(go hang yourself, hope you get cancer etc.). You see this stuff in almost all games, and you do somewhat get used to it. In the end, it's babyrage, you mute, report and go on. (I am definitely not supporting this kind of behavior, but playing league can be tilting sometimes and you kinda understand where it comes from). So my games in EUW usually goes like this: Player 1: WTF is up with matchmaking, placing me with platinum 1. Me: I'm not really platinum 1, I was challenger in eune but got placed in platinum 1 because I just changed server Player 1: HAHA, challenger eune = platinum in EUW. Player 2: EUNE chall is thrash (and you can imagine how the discussion went) This was happening in almost every game I played. Many times I got called eloboosted. I got bullied for having hundreds of games and still being platinum 1. I got blamed for ANY mistakes my teammate does, because I was the lowest rank. Everything I said was denied. So my next games I decided to ignore people when they point out my rank, because learning from experience I would just get bullied if I tried to explain myself. In my last game(just before I made this post), my adc stated that the matchmaking was unfair. I decided to ignore him, and keep playing(I was thinking that if I played normally, hopefully he would acknowledge that I am a good player, despite currently being diamond 5). He got hooked by thresh 3 times of out 3. I felt uneasy because I kinda knew people will blame me if we lose the lane, and yes, I was right. The adc spam pinged me and was complaining on how he had such a useless and low elo support. I then had to explain to him that I was not diamond 5, and you getting hooked is mostly YOUR FAULT and not mine. Later in game all my calls was denied by them. I asked them why, and they said "you are diamond 5"(after I said I was not diamond 5, and even then, you don't deny others call because of their ranked). They were being pure NASTY(not toxic, but nasty). This really puts me on tilt and defense mode on every game, which ruins the game experience for me. Despite all this shit, it kinda gives me motivation to climb and prove them wrong, which is good, but really guys, this is definitely not how you should treat other players. Be respectful and welcoming. I know this is not happening a lot, but it gives me a really bad impression of the players on EUW. I want to change back already >.>.
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