A Kid childhood path to League of Legends

If we have kids or will have kids, how we educate/prepare them to be future League players! **What roles/champions they will play base on their childhood experience !** - If you teach him to be strong, to not be spoiled and self-centred, that he not always need to be in center of attention, to be tough and resist bullying, to take sides and help other kids that are bullied and defend them - **He will play Tanks Support or Tanks Top** - If you teach him same thing but also to be caution, because he is a fragile Kid, smaller that others of his age, to yell at the bullies from safe distance, to try to stop them, but from far, always ready to run if they turn onto him - **He will play Utility/Healers Support** - If you teach him to stand up for himself, but also to be more visible, to be the one that take initiative in a group, let his friends to be the group "celebrities", but for him to also stand out - **He will play Caries/Damage Dealers Top** - If you spoil him, if he is the house main attention being the smaller one, if you make a meal from a whole chicken and he always take the best part from the chicken, if he think that always the last piece of the pie or chocolate belong to him and his siblings always give it to him - **He will play Mid** - If same as above but you spoiled him too much and he learn that being the smaller one, he can blame his siblings for everything he did wrong, that it's never his fault, always other siblings fault - **He will play Yasuo Mid** - If he is to spoiled and cocky, need to always be in center of attention, but he is a fragile Kid, smaller that others of his age, so because you are afraid others will bully him and beat him for his attitude, you tell his big sibling to always be near him in school, to protect and pamper him, to stick in fights and take a beating for him, if he is never alone, always with a big sibling near him, in school, park, on the way home - **He will play Adc Bot** - If he is same as above but also don't stop and keep speak arrogant with the bullies, while hide behind his big brother, but if they are to strong or to many and he refuse to listen to his brother to run and they catch him and beat him and then he will be the one at home that is angry and blame his brother for not protecting him - **He will play Vayne Bot** - If same situation, but while his brother fight the bullies if he like to hide behind him and trow rocks or spit at them, if the fight is near other kids and he become so arrogant and full of himself if the other kids cheer when he land a rock or a spit - **He will play Draven Bot** - If you behave bad with your Kid, call him lazy and useless, if when other parents come in visit you talk bad about him, how lazy he is, in front of him, if other siblings blame him for everything that happened bad in the house while you were gone , if he become so used to always be blamed for everything that goes wrong - **He will play Jungle** Enjoy {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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