Odyssey mode

Im disqusted with players behaviour in champ select in Odyssey.Everyone is so selfish and full of ego. I miss the days when people were polite and respectfull.I think if somehow any big catastrophe would happen in near future the 90% of the population would die due to their lack of cooperation,selfishness,zero intuition,blindness and fixed mindset.Everyone watch their own business and none cares about others. The system is so horrible it forces "new Odyssey players" to be matched with those who already have finished most of the missions. I havent played league in a while so im forced to play with "2 augment spaming dudes". The thing is i want to accomplish first win on the Onslaught difficulty but im not able to do it because im PLEASING people for almost 2 days and constantly losing. Can i get a single normal game matched with people who are on my mission levels,matched with 3-4 augments??? CAN I ? Im tired of pleasing others.No one sees this from my perspective!!! "you know mission says 4 or less,so you can go 2 augments" NO SHIT DUDE,NO SHIT BUT THE THING IS IM LOSING WITH 2 AUGMENTS AND I WANT A SINGLE WIN ,A SINGLE WIN AND IM DONE WITH THAT MODE BUT I CANT ACHIEVE IT,DO YOU KNOW WHY?? BECAUSE IM PLEASING AND COOPERATING IN EVERY SINGLE QUEUE AND NO ONE EVER offered a help to me. There was a moment when i said "can you please help me just to clear Onslaught mode but dont troll and pick 3-4 augments" ill pay back by helping you to win next games.They said im selfish for not picking one less augment. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAhHAHAHAHahhah RIOT STOP FORCING US TO SOCIALISE IN YOUR ENVIROMENT.Half of us dont have more then 2 friends in real life.How im supposed to get 4 man premade to finish missions like those? I dont have a time to waste spaming on boards like i did today.I just want to play for myself. The missions should have been "YOU" not "TEAM" YOU SHOULD WIN WITH 2 AUGMENTS not the entire team
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