Season 9 ruined EUW too

I was just watching IWDominate's stream in High Platinum-Low Diamond MMR...He legit got inted or griefed for 5 games in a row...Same thing happened to him in Gold Elo aswell (he lost 10 games out of 28 in Gold as a Challenger Jungler)...People just don't care anymore.They queue up in a game and if they start losing in the first 5 minutes or the jungler make a mistake,an unlucky play,they just running it down or afking...Riot knows about that...I've send more than 5 tickets,to their Player's Support,including multiple inters...Actually inting not just a horrible player etc...No one got and will never get any sort of punishment. Let me give you an example...Yesterday i played 3-4 games in this account...Both exactly like Dom's games...3 losing lanes and always a player who just starts trolling because I didn't ganked his lane when he was 0-4 in the first 5 minutes or for some completely braindead reasons...I've lost control and flamed 2 guys in these games...I got an instant 14-day suspension (TOTALLY DESERVED) but the inters who drove me into this got nothing and they'll never get punished... A lot of people ask why are they doing this? Why are they inting games? Aren't they scared of being banned? It's simple... They know that Riot doesn't care...They know that they can hard int or grief or quit for an infinite amount of games and they will never get punished...Because they have just "a bad game" and also they are customers.A lot of them paying Riot constantly for Skins so it's not worth to ban them all...I don't know if something will change in Season 10 but for now the game is unplayable...I found myself begging not to get griefers for the last at least 100 games in solo queue...Just unplayable and harmful for our mental health...When Riot's starts hard punishing every bannable behaviour we will enjoy League again.
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