Reward people who reported a player that has been punished !!!!!!

I keep getting those messages that a player that i reported got punished . Well ok, and ? Do i get my LP back ? Something ? Maybe a key fragment for participating in catching this dude that ruins people's game ? Seriously, something as small as a key fragment could mean a lot, cause that dude ruined my game, made me waste some time you know ? And also made me drop in the ladder. The system that you currently have is not satisfactory . I am one of the most cursed players when it comes to people ruining my games, because I mostly play solo. And even when i play duo, people end up refusing to play more with me because we always encounter trolls. I have like 3 people telling me already that they never end up seeing so many trolls when playing with someone else than me. So your " Bla bla , a dude got banned because he should have been banned 1 year ago " messages really don't warm my heart at all, because i know that in at least one of my next 3 games, a dude just like the one that got banned before will show up. They keep coming like zombies. And what do i get after all of this ? A message ! After many and many LP lost, and time wasted, I get a message. At least give us a key fragment, as a sign of apology that you're not doing such a good job banning those assholes please.
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