Club of Positivity

Hello ladies and gentlemen! **Here is how to win a FREE skin!** I have decided to make a club, to prevent toxic attitudes. I myself had a very bad experience, and tilted pretty badly which led to getting chat banned. I decided I do not want to be tilted anymore, but motivated to stay positive, grow honor and play with friends without my toxic attitude. I made up my mind and named my club Divine Sentinels. It's point is, that every month, the most positive member (honorable mention) receives a gift, a skin of any price. If the person does not want a skin, then they win RP. Terms: ♥ You must show positive attitude in games. ♥ If you get banned, you lose your access to the prize. ♥ You will most likely be chosen, if you show kindness and positivity in games, and are active in this club. ♥ It's recommended, that you play with club members, so we can study your personality and see how you act in game. ♥ You cannot: - Be toxic in this club, or in game whatsoever. - Blame others or bring other members down. - Spread negativity. - Beg for a reward. I think the idea is quite simple. Our club tag is Joy™ for a reason. We are looking for members who are interested in avoiding to get banned by learning how to keep your cool, and added a little bit of spice by rewarding the most positive members. We look forward seeing you. Have a good day! You can hit me up on eune. Peace! _The Cutest_ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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