Permanent banned .

Ok so I got perma banned for telling someone to kill themselves . Ok , I understand that I wont get unbanned for writing this , but I am still doing it , and I want you to know my feelings towards this . If someone tells someone to kill themselves , and no one reports him what are you doing huh ? Are you just gonna let him tell everyone to kill theirselves and you wont care about it ? Come on man , that is disgusting . Plus , why are you only banning for flaming , I mean if someone writes in the chat that he is gonna troll and then he actually trolls , you do not care about it . Or when someone says ,, lol gl hf i go afk'' what are you doing ? You give him a ban where you have to play 5 games with some time waiting in queue , come on man .. That is all I had to say , I am waiting for your honest answer .
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