Ok now that's not fair

So , basicly i was playing akali top and kindred got in a fight with the enemy jungler near the midlane . He get killed by irelia who roamed sooner and then blames me because i arrived "ages too late" so i tell him that irelia was undertower and he could have killed her by ganking but he didn't . Then , bcz i was loosing lane . I ask for his help and he tells that i can %%%% off . I call him a "brat" wich is the worst thing i said to him (i'll put my logs below) and he kept blaming me for "being trash" and called me a "%%%%". We argued a lot this game and i was pretty mad at him but over all i didn't insult him in anyway beside telling him whe acted like a kid . Next thing you know i get chat restricted ... SO I had some well deserved chat restrict and a 2 weeks ban that i derserved too but this one isn't fair at all. He said that i was going to be banned for inting and rusing caps (cuz apparently you can't use full caps ? didn't see that rule anywhere) and he is probably still aughing right now so my question is pretty simple : Why did i got punished but not him knowing that he flammed me harder while i didn't say anything and will i still have this kind of trouble ? Cuz in that case i prefere going on another account cuz while i can be a pretty chill guy , i have burst of angers times by times like everyone but i think i learned not to be a "%%%%head" and avoid being toxic. It's just a chat restriction so i don't really care i'm just affraid about being banned for shit like this... i dunno man it just makes me upset {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Game 1 In-Game Gillusion: i was on my way Gillusion: you didn't gank top when she was under tower Gillusion: kindred Gillusion: can you gank me pls ?-(he told me to %%%% off) Gillusion: wtf is your %%%%ing problem ?-(cuz you're a %%%% he said) Gillusion: you're a brat Gillusion: if oyu're wondering why you can push like that and can't get punished Gillusion: it's cuz kindred is acting like a kid Gillusion: talking to irelia Gillusion: who's under tower 50 % of the time Gillusion: i don't get it Gillusion: as soon as you pinged i came Gillusion: but you were on the %%%%ing mid ofc i took time Gillusion: and just foir that(then he called me trash cuz i was loosing lane) Gillusion: YES CUZ SEJU GANKED ME 3 TIMES Gillusion: and you did nothing at all Gillusion: cuz you're a god damn kid-(he said that was going to be banned) Gillusion: says the guy who blames me for not coming midlane fast enough when i'm on my god damn turret Gillusion: NO I'M SAYING THAT YOU'RE A %%%%ING JGLER AND IF YOU JUST CAME SHE WOULD HAVE DIED 5 TIMES AND WE WOULD HAVE WON EASLY Gillusion: but becaause you just want to act like a child Gillusion: i cna't Gillusion: %%%%iong Gillusion: win Gillusion: this lane Gillusion: like if i said anything insulting Gillusion: "inting" Gillusion: you don't know what inting is do ya ? Gillusion: for what Gillusion: go on Gillusion: tell me Gillusion: rage ? Gillusion: trying to explain, his jugler that he has a bad behaviour Gillusion: sure Gillusion: you do realise that inting is intetionnaly feeding ? Gillusion: that i staid most of the time under tower ? Gillusion: that i didn't say anything insulting ? Gillusion: taht you're the one insulting and acting like a 5 years old ? Gillusion: didn't see you being usefull top Gillusion: when she was under my tower and you were farming blue Gillusion: we could have engaged there Gillusion: that fight was your call and you died remember ? Gillusion: question Gillusion: can an ally take a marked camp to give the kindred his mark stack ? Gillusion: you're 2/8 dude-(for some reason our kog said taht i sucked at the end of the game but he lost just as hard as me .... idk) Gillusion: you're nop better Post-Game Gillusion: report jgl Gillusion: flaming Gillusion: wich is an actual reason Gillusion: lol
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