How to identify a bot by a few reasons

1. They always have a summoner name that make no sense 2. They mostly leave the base on Twisted Treeline once the minions apear 3. They always use this summoner spells {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:7}} 4. They always say total random these words ''Frozen'' , ''WTF'' , ''Push'' 5. They always use these summoner icons , 6. They only build bad, and sometimes they stack the same item like {{item:3111}} Boots 7. They ALWAYS play free to play champs 8. The only gamemodes they are activated for are : Coop (every kind of), Normal (Twisted Treeline) (Aram) (Not in Ranked) 9. They always perform bad 10.They feed like hell Don't forget to report bots after your games, hope this will help for the bot identification EDIT: Also forgot to say, they never have any key masterys
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