to the "partners in crim-liv (names changed)"

since i only reported you 2 super adult ppl and got an insta feedback message, "the rat kid who %%%%s his pillow" just wanted to say, that i hope you enjoy your so adult life where you have to insult others over the internet and tell them you will report them "personally to riot on the boards" if they dont get banned. well the rat kid isnt banned sorry guys so no need for you to open a thread. but i have to be honest, and i dont care if i get hate for this... i'd love if you 2 could answer me here so i can see some more of your super "adult dont give a %%%% about you rat kid" tears <3. thanks and chears :D now hate on me if you want, but bless riots system it works just fine :D ps: im 99% sure its the girl who got the punishement cause she seemed really like her %%%%ing peroid, never saw someone rage so %%%%ing hard over every single bit that happened.
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