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This game will die because there are too many persons who no give a shit about how they play and what they do , a reason for that is my recent games , i had 3 loss streak with scores like , this is not anymore intresting and is a common thingh , i am back to my old plays since new update i have a synergy over the patch which maked me play really really high ... , but this is by far what this game should look like ... , again adc have to carry and the rest of lanes sleep , beside the fact nothing changed , the adc still carry everyone even if there are assasins or mages on mid top ,jungle.... and is a shame this game give me such teams to loss that can't be carryed ,trollers will always win ,while i will always loss my time and experience and nervs , and i will be challenged to stay chill and deal with , you doing a wonderful job riot i think i had lot's of people who were like not going to play or wasn't even care they loss and make me loss , so is wonderful to win for such people ... , but i play for myself, and is really cool to loss cause someone just decide to be a troller or play such horrible and say my bad sry.... I had a guy who gived first blood to enemy adc , and made the 19/7/3 score last game ... and lost it because i was the only one who dealt so much damage that i could cover entire team damage dealt wonderful . I am not expect in gold III to see people who makes 1 10 as malzahar on mid ... and in the end on top all team stays well and palyed well,he was going to say "i just had bad plays ",while i watched how he pushed and where he died and what position it had ... ,but on top of that i should loss my time to even send those trollers to riot support but there is no such feature to send a bunch of replays for analys , i have like 7 there ,and i can remember so accurate who and how he troll if i would watch them. If i wouldn't take attitude and send those reports riot would take like 1-3 months to find those trollers and is not okey .. to admit we have just a problem in chat and punish people for chat while a troller disturbs hundreds of games until he is punished , is not okey and it's not acceptable , 1 troller makes more much people angry and is more harming the game and fairplay and the players than someone who just use chat ,how ever this is not yet close to a solution and they don't doing steps to stop and fight against it... , so where is riot position in all this.... , you need just money while this game got just people who play as they want and you can't check who's a troller and who have a bad game. 19/7/3 18/12/11 22/9/3

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