Player reaching out for advice to reform

Okay so i'm an extremely toxic person and have upwards of 50+ accounts permanently banned since s6, one recently i reached plat on for the first time with a high winrate one tricking riven (fitting the stereotype ha..) I'm super tired of constantly having to start over because i enjoy playing league, so i'm reaching out to the nicer people in the community, or maybe even you reformed toxic people to give some advice. How do i deal with tilt? Muting all doesnt work for me, if i'm getting inted i'll just unmute all and release a flurry of toxicness that continues and only gets worse the more they die. I'll continuously spam ping the person i believe has done wrong all game and focus on nothing but abusing them. I've tried taking breaks on different games, for a while then coming back, or going to smoke and relax outside but nothing seems to work. League is the only game that has this effect on me, i'm very nice and polite on every other game i've ever played. I genuinely want to reform and reach that juicy level 5 honour for the first time so any advice is extremely appreciated.

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