Give me a job Riot

Hello Riot, long time no see. the reason why i am writing to you is because i am looking for work, and you guys seem to need the help. I have NO idea how to program, at best i can hit f5 when i am starting the computer and enter bios- but i would not even know what to do there. But hear me out- I played about 1500 ranked games this season alone, and i recorded the game every time someone was afk in game, including the 20 times were i have trouble with getting into the game, bug splats and so on. the number is: 480 afk in my teams and 510 in enemy team. thats about 1/3 games were someone is afk- 1/3 is worse odds than a hand of blackjack. but its still kinda.. of a lottery if you are gonna have a fair 5 v 5 game or if you are just going to sit there for 20-30 minutes and just watch them splitpush and you cant do anything because you are Nami or whatever. So thats about.. say 400 hours of wasted time. Now you guys at riot have had this problem for a very long time, tribunal is still down and your leave buster does not seem to be working at all. So here is the deal: Hire me - or even Hire a blind 7 year old with down-syndrome and give him the problem- pay him/her/me for 400 hours of work and implement whatever system to counter the afk problem- profit. like never mind that someone gets trapped in a elo because he just does not have the time to spend 400 hours and then 400 hours to get back into the elo he was in just so he can climb another 400 hours to get to the elo he wants/deserves to be in. Its just not fun to play a unfair game of league- and you guys are only taking half measures to prevent it. So give me 400 hours, pay me for it and ill come up with a system that could be effective, or at least make the game more fair. Yours sincerely/ Gothrian
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