To the attention of all LOL players

For those of you out there who like myself feel frustrated about the management of this game and the way ultimate decisions are made,i just want to let you know that Riot Games is a company solely based on other people %%%%ing the employees wives as they are watching/masturbating. Also known around the webs as "Cucking" . So when you feel you've been wronged or that you're not getting the required support (for shit),just remember they are busy watching strangers %%%%ing their wives. They don't care about you as a player,they'll just suck your money with flashy skins,emotes and stuff,which they will ultimately use to pay strangers to %%%% their wives. So if you're still in,do yourself a favor and get out of this cucking circle.This post will be quickly deleted by new employees who are yet to get cucked,the veterans are busy watching their spouses getting cheese rammed.If you remember that South Park episode "Butt out" ,which featured Robin Reiner and his "anti smoking crew" ,i imagine that's how Riot staff must look like . + The cucking. Get cucked forever Riot Games,you're all a bunch of human waste.{{summoner:3}}
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