I feel like I´m cursed.

I just dont know whats going on anymore lol. At Season 8 I was on a good role at Top lane rank I have a 65% WR Tryndamere, 61% Mordekaiser, 54% Jayce and a 52% Fiora. Teams were questionable at times, sometimes I had bad games myself, Things go on. Now at Preseason when I´m playing ranked. I have a 47% winrate Fiora, 36% Winrate Tryndamere, 44% Winrate Jayce and a 56% Winrate Vi (which sounds kinda troll but i like playing her top side she can be Pretty useful). Where did all this come from lol, my Playstyle hasnt changed, but I feel like I get alot more Trolls (or atleast Players that dont Play decent) in the Team. Out of 20 games I get Maybe 3 Ganks. I mean I also understand Jglr Abit if your doing Object. or something do it. But I get Jglrs do Top side Jgl when I set the wave towards my turrent where the enemy has too overextend and they just dont come, they go do scuttle atleast then go down bot side. Thats where i slowly get tilted. I dont care whoever gets the kill, me or him, but ist free 300 Gold Right there or atleast forcing summoner spell. You punish the enemy for overextending period. I actually had a game where I got 3 man dove at top lane, after I died They used rift herald to get 1st, 2nd AND 3rd Tier Tower while I kept pinging to defend. Literally nobody went to Defend only AFTER the 3rd Turrent got destroyed my Teams finally came after backing lol. Since Preseason I just kept getting alot more Tilted than usual, even too a point where I even Got myself my first ( I think) chat restriction for 10 games.I even got Autofilled as an ADC and played still decent but still lost bc enemy Top laner got fed asf. And I felt their gameplay was alot better compared to our team. In the End of the summary out of 100% of my games. Maybe about 10-15% is my fault whatsoever, either I fed or poor macro descision. And the rest either Bot lane feeds super hard, Jgl just doesnt gank at all AND doesnt do Objective. I try splitpushing but my team goes in 4v5 then Ping spams me telling me I should Teamfight, even though they should know the champ comps that Fiora isnt so great at Teamfighting but rather Splitpushing. And this is just game after game after game after game, since preseason I havent had not 1 Single game yet where theres actually a Toe on Toe fight, its always more or so benn Fight, then die Respawn and fight again. Asif this is some kind of call of duty game. Its bad enough as a Top laner, cuz i sometimes feel no matter what, I have little impact on the game nomatter what I do. It just mostly comes down to whoever feeds less wins the game. 1 stupid fckup from anybody with poor macro making loses us the game. Mid gets overpowerd mages, Jglr gets new jgl Rework, Bot lane gets SUPER buffed with sup shields and adc crit items and Top lane still gets nothing lol. At this point I´m desperate, should I try a new Lane, Should I just take a Pause from the game, should I make a new account or is it that I´m really cursed that nomatter what happens I´m forced to get these results. I sometimes blame Riot for these MMR Balance they have, something is just not right in the system.
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