Reports = reports?

Hi, I have one question to people who can know something more about the reports topic. I'd like to practice some champions on other lanes - I'm a terrible jungler and I want to learn. Since I don't want to troll ranked games and I don't want to play against BOTs (too easy) the only thing left is normal game. But... well people are not very happy when they have in game someone who can't play the champ he picked. I was flamed pretty bad just one hour ago because I didn't gank often and died from enemy jungle. It's pretty stressful when your team is so toxic but that's not my question. One guy said that they are 4 premdes and they will report me so I will be 100% punished for "inting" and "not helping". I know that reports from premades are summed differently but if I want to practice more, I'm sure there will be more people like that and my reports will grow over time. So my question is - if the reports are not valid (I'm not inting and I'm not ignoring team, I'm just trying to learn) can I be punished for having lots of reports? I really don't want to but I don't always have a possibility to play with friends and normals seems to be the only place I can practice without making any (big) harm... {{champion:32}} Also - which junglers in your opinion are the best to learn right now: {{champion:131}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:107}} ?
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