Is it even worth bothering?

Now that players that got banned in this season will not get any reward such as skin or border and stuff is it even worth trying get to diamond?My only intention was to get the login screen border,nothing else concerns me.But I got banned once this season since you don't always get a nice behaving team,and I really think it's too harsh to take the rewards people worked for so much for just for a ban.I think this is decided and there won't be any changes to the rewarding system right?I'm plat 1 with like 42 lp or so and get like 18-21 lp per match,and i win pretty easy,but these news really bothered me and took my will to reach diamond.Is it even worth trying to reach diamond now?i just don't feel like playing anymore since they just took what i was working for just for a damn mistake,a little game,which could be avoided by simply not playing at that moment.Because the ban I and many others got for a single game our rewards are taken from us.Even in my ticket they said that it was only for the game showed in the email.So because of 1 game out of like...dunno +1000 i don't get my rewards..just doesn't feel right...rito pls change that,it's not fair ,I even saw a dude who got banned for a match he wasn't even toxic..and it was a 14 days ban.Check this out if you wanna see the game chat for yourself and see if he deserved 14 days ban and because of this he won't get the rewards either.For a single game out of so many where he didn't even do something wrong. Change that reward system so only people who got many bans in short amount of time dont get the rewards,or just give rewards to all players,it doesn't help to take their rewards,they will probably get even more mad and it would make the situation worse.Rito if u really care do something
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