Banned for 14 days

Hey everyone, i recently got banned for disruptive behavior in a normal game playing as a Kayn. The story begins like this: im running from the base in the start of a game towards red buff to get it first with a help from my support and adc. I many times pinged them to assist me, cause they were hiding in a bush far away from the red buffs'. Then rakan tells me to start jungling from "chickens" which i refused and nicely told him that ive been playing Kayn for many times and i know better which way of starting farm is better for me and that im not going to start a game with killing raprtors (eventho many kayn players do so). Apparently botlane was premade cause they were almost saying the same lines at the same time and then my adc tells me that he doesnt want to help me. I would UNDERSTAND if they would were planning an early engage on enemy botlane (like from the bush or something) and if they would tell me that they have no time for helping me because of an early engage, but in fact they were just running around with nothing to do, even the minion fight wasn't started yet. But i again tried nicely to ask them for a help (and even tho i was in a really bad mood, which i know doesn't excuse me from my fault and i had a really BAD headache cause ive been diagnosed for a brain cancer of second stage a few days ago i got really tilted, like something clicked in my mind) and they told me that i have no idea how to play my champion which got me really angry cause i JUST asked them for a HELP, which is NORMAL and in every game, its kind of a rule that botlane or toplane, helps the jungler to get their first buff, if of course jungler doesn't decide to start farm with another jungle objective. So as i said, something about it got me really tilted and i started to troll, i went on botlane and flashed in the presence of the enemy Jhin and Morgana and gave them their first kill. I was so so angry that i got rejected for no reason ( i think that they were just lazy or whatever) that i continued to feed an enemy toplane and once a midlane. Then i thought i should cool down and start playing well cause i didnt want to get reported and i realized that i was doing bad but at the same time, botlane and toplane started to flame me and call me words like "kid", "bad jungler", "no idea how to play a champ" and stuff which made me make even worse than i made before. The midlaner Lissandra, was on my side tho, telling them that it was their fault and that they should've helped me and i wouldn't troll but it didnt change any thing. Then the enemy team started asking me why was i trolling which i didnt answer cause i hoped they would understand that i wouldn't start trolling just for fun and stuff but they agreed to report me, so as i saw that almost everyone from 10 people were against me, i started to troll more. I know that I have no excuse for it, and i should've controlled myself and my anger and my behavior BUT IT JUST HAPPENED and as much i wanna say it wasn't my fault, (and i hope someone would be related to my story) it WAS MY fault. After the game which ended pretty quickly, like 15 minutes not more. I instantly got banned for 14 days for troll, negative attitude and intentional feed, even tho i didn't flame and THO i was the last time chat restricted for 25 games, i havent flamed since then (like a month or more maybe) and i kept it cool. So my question is, i've been searching and reading in forums a lot but i still didnt get it well i guess, after this 14 day ban will disappear, will the next FIRST report about anything EVEN if i will not flame or troll or behave myself badly get me into a perm ban? (im deciding to most likely mute everyone for a long time and talk with pings tho, cause i think it will improve my actions in future) And does this 14 day ban decrease after some time ? like will i ever get to the previous ban stuff, i mean, if i get reported for being toxic in the future will i get a chat restriction for 5 games or 10? or instant perm ban?. Also i was thinking its an end of season 8 and maybe in season 9 my behaviour stuff from 2018 would completely disappear and start from a blank paper? If there's anyone who knows the answer please text me back, cause ive spent a way too much money on my account to get a perm ban, and im really nervous about it. Is there any way to get to a lower rank of ban in the future or whatever?, i hope u did understand my english tho because i tried to explain as much as i could. Thanks.

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