tnx riot match system!

after i think 900 game finnaly i carry myself from bronse to gold and 2 time i get promo for gold4 today i lost promo why?bcs all think if yasuo was free u can pick and get penta i lost game bcs yasuo and think its ok i have a free win promo and one lose now i have one chanse for get gold4 after 15 min relax i start another game but again yasuo player (this time pick jax) in my team and say last game i bad play i think np him mybe just have bad game but again bcs him i lose and lost promo again start a game and say pls team just pick mains i need win and i see scores in 20 min my team vvlad 0.6 zac 1.5 adc 2.7 and -50 cs and this guys always french and think all know they language speak french in game "difjdsifhsduifhs" Cmon we not know ur %%%k language stop chat and fucus suckkers {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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