I really need a person from RIOT who knows whats going on!

Greetings, Summoner pals! :) Yesterday when I woke up and turn on my PC, i got e-mail from Riot telling me my account is permanently suspended due use of 3rd program features. So, I contacted with the support, wait their explanation. And 8 hours later the only thing they said to me was the reason why I am banned without any proof and alerts, but I already know that from my e-mail. So I do my own research and checked my PC, because I do not really know from where this come from, I am not that kind of a person who uses programs for skins, because I invest my own money to buy stuff and support their game. But maybe the punishment is more about those scripts which are completely strange for me and I do not know anything about them at all. I was wondering if there is any chance my LoL client to get conflict with something I really don't know and how to find the problem and tell riot supports that there is some kind of a mistake? Their security do not allow further investigation in these cases and maybe there are people out there with the same problem as mine. {{champion:32}} I like the game and the community, I am friendly and do not disrespect players and their gameplay. We are here to have fun and make good friendships. :) I am really hoping someone will help because the support is only copy-paste their response and marks the case as Solved.
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