Dear Riot , this is for the community.

Dear riot. There is something going on that stops alot of new player from playing this game. I have made a smurf account a few weeks ago and i came to conclusion that the low levels are full of smurfs and are really really toxic and i cant help but question how this is for the new players. i just came out of a game where 3 from the 5 where flaming so hard that i could not play the game for the day. thats how pissed of i was! And now i could get the reaction from others like : Why dont you just mute them? well thats a simple one. because i want to interact with my team and have a good laugh now and then and its not normal to need to mute 3 from the 5 every game! that takes away the pleasure of playing. please fix this. i know its a hard one but your game needs it. {{summoner:4}}

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