I quit this game for a solid 365 days and this is what I realized.

So, It's been LITERALLY 365 days since the last time I was active in this game (check my match history), I've only played a couple of games during the last year (few ARAMs, CO-OPS and whatnot), and today I decided I'll go for a ranked game. I realized exactly why I quit this "amazing" game a year ago. It's the %%%%ed-up community, and the totally unbalanced shit of a game it is. The concept of the game is so great, but Riot cannot get the hold on balancing the snowball-shit or the player behavior, even after a whole %%%%ing year, not a single thing has changed, I'm so shocked! So, I go into my game, I get ADC, the dude who gets support asks to change roles and none agrees, you'd think he leaves, but no!!! He picks JHIN, just because he cans, trolls, throws the game. Bot/Mid/Jgl all go squishy, because I get thrown back from Gold to Bronze, because I've quit the game for a year, you'd think my skill/knowledge dropped to trashbins as well, they have just decided to throw me with these ppl. So, literally my first game after a year, I get a troll, a 9 yo who doesn't understand a shit about this game, a guy who keeps flamming and another troll who does it for the sake of fun. Last time I said I'd quit the game for a year, that it would hopefully change, but today I realized that there's no hope in this community/game whatsoever. I've been playing with this account since season 1 and today this is gonna be my last game/post! It was hella ride, Riot. You did a good job %%%%ing up a great game, keep it up until the rest of this community realizes that. ~OUT
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