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Riot suport cant give me a reason why i got a ranked bann and cant undo it! Please before you respond to this check the matches i gave in my e-mail, and consider that i got 18 honors in 10 ranked game which riot thinks is toxic! Why does this company pace banns if they cant explain why! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear riot. I have a ranked bann for apparently no reason and i would like to have it undone or atleast get an explaination! I used to have a ranked bann and after 2 months it was finally gone. then i played 10 games which went all really good i ll post them below: There is obviously from scores no trolling going on. Also it was me playing no qccount boosting r anything if that would be the reason you jsut put me in the wrong elo because i always have these scores. 13/12/13 LOSS with 2 honors 27/12/14 Win with 4 honors 8/5/9 Win with no honors 12/3/4 Win with 1 honor 25/4/9 Win with 7 honors 14/6/4 Loss without honor 18/2/1 Win with 1 honor 34/7/7 Win with 3 honor 22/12/1 Win without honor 21/2/4 Win witohut honor _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have begun a new initiative to restrict players from the ranked queue. Ranked Restrictions have a higher threshold for punishment compared to chat restrictions and require more reports and evidence of toxicity. Please bear in mind that not all chat restricted players will receive a ranked restriction. We will not be removing or reducing any punishments placed on an account. While the Tribunal is in recess we are unable to provide specific chat logs or reform cards for these restrictions. An extensive audit was conducted on your account, which analyzed games played for extreme instances of negative and toxic behavior. As a result, we have decided to place ranked and chat restrictions on your account to help you adjust your behavior in game. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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