Toxic players are NOT the problem

Recently i had time to think, and i realized not the toxic community is the problem. Toxic community is just a result, a reaction what players indicate with feed, and unskill playing. Everytime ppl say flame is killing the game, or You make feed with Your flame. I beg Your pardon ?! So what am i suppost to do when You are 9-16 with 55 cs? Stroke your head and say its okay to screw others game ? And aftell all this You have the nerv to say that, this is my fault ?! And anyway this is just game ? Really ? Whats that all about ? I loved the old days when in Wow we could kick one of our group member if his/her performance was bad. You not good ? Infact You are @#$ ? Okay no problem, have Your kick and we find another player. Why someone try to sabotage others game , and fun ,and relaxing time with their unskill ? Are these players are not avare about their skill level ? So as i see the real problem is the low skill player base. Not the flame, or toxic behaviour.
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