4 premades abusing and reporting randoms.

as almost a pure solo queuing player of normal summoner rift games, i get to have an unusual high amount of 3-4 premades in my team. many of them tend to have a gang mentality which lead to negative attitude toward random players. they BULLY in selection. they make THREATS of reporting in selection or/and in game. they ANTAGONIZE and VERBAL ABUSE the random all game long. and in the end of the game they also REPORT for no valid reason. i can be a PERFECT GENTLEMAN, do fairly good or even SUPERB in game. but with some of those 4 premades it doesn't make any difference. they will make up reasons as they go. yesterday i got 4X reports from premades who were TOTAL JERKS the entire game. by no means i deserved any of it. it was absolutely overwhelming abuse and injustice. today i log in and see 75 games chat restriction. immediately i think how those abusive negative attitude hostile premades managed yet again to screw me over. while they themselves never pay for their abuse, because they don't do it on a regular basis, and mostly play with premades. yet me being constantly random, which lead to getting 3-4 premades ALL THE TIME, is basically setting me up for EXCESSIVE OVERDOSE of ABUSE and FALSE REPORTING. so today right after i see i got chat restrictions, and remembering yesterday excessive amount of premades abuse i have to put up with. i start a normal blind game. guess what happened?! i call a role i want to play. chat is empty. nobody pick anything yet. a few seconds pass, and then someone says "agerune, you're jungle". i say, no dude i called mid and i wanna mid. and then the abuse start. 4 premades again bully abuse and threat with yet more 4X reporting. some GANGS of 4 premades treating randoms like SLAVES. as a pure solo player i meet quite A LOT of those. A LOT!!! yeah i may not always be 100% saint. i may have said a few things here and then in some games that might be seen as negative or flaming. but as far as intentions and reasoning goes, i am far better person and player then MOST of the JERKS that report me. and i do try very much to make the team WORK as a RATIONAL and FUNCTIONAL team, in a reality where it is FAR TOO OFTEN not the case. god is my witness that i get TONS of FALSE reporting by PREMADES, WHO ALSO ABUSE AND TROLL ME in game. a few days of bad matchmaking with premades like can lead to automatic unfair chat restriction. as if the OVERDOSE of abuse that i get isn't bad enough. as if the community wasn't bad enough as it is. i have to get it in a the form of GANG ABUSE? as if all the GANG FORM abuse i get from PREMADES isn't enough, they have the power to get me chat restricted too? do you have any idea how fraked up that is? I WISH i could play normal blind pick with ONLY RANDOMS. and NEVER be matched with PREMADES EVER AGAIN!!!! they're giving me HELL which i DON'T deserve. they only care for their own. they have innate hostility toward randoms. they tend to antagonize the random from the get go. they INTENTIONALLY refuse to cooperate with randoms. they act like its THEIR GAME and not mine. they BULLY and THREAT from what they consider a position of DOMINANCE over me. they will make sure i will NEVER get buffs, even when they have manaless jungler and even when im a HYPER CARRY in a feeding team. they would rather give it to support and not me. JUST BECAUSE I'M A RANDOM. and if things goes wrong they will blame me constantly. even for their mistakes.

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