Permanent Suspension? Raise your voice, every single one counts

Hi all. Dear summoners, i'm writing this thread mainly because i am fed up with the way this game is functioning now. Today i recieved a permament suspension after being offensive 2-3 games in a row. While it's true theres no way to justify my behavior even tho every single one of us at some point said something bad in chat, i would like every one of you to see the big picture here. The leaverbuster system, although good in some cases as well as the instant feedback system turned this game into pure hell for me. I had recieved penalties in the past for leaving a single game for all sorts of reasons i cant be responsible for like power failiure, client crashes, bugsplats, net fail etc. What i'm trying to say is that with this system its just a matter of time before every single one of you gets your ban for no reason. That's why i am asking for your support, your vote to try and make a change in the League system. Everyone of you who understand me, please leave some feedback. The others with contradictory opinion please dont be too harsh and try to understand. I played League of legends for 5-6 years till this present day.
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