How much is Pyke hated as a champion?

I just had a game as Pyke support, where every time I died by everyone of the enemy team, they would tea bag my corpses, saying "You suck Pyke" in chat. Constantly harassing me in all chat for very little reason. Also when I watched the replay I got 100% of every enemy ultimate on me every time they saw me. They didn't even use it on anyone else, I was once running mid to help our mid laner, as I soon as I stepped into vision of their team, their fizz flashed ult together with Cait ult out of no where. I lived.. But I had to back next to immediately. Many more of these moments happened during the game, and so much harassments that I thought I was against a 4 man premade in solo que. (which would be classified as cheating). I did check after game doe, and no one of them appeared to be premade, so they all just has a high hate meter against Pyke players I guess. I have been harassed before when playing Pyke, it's not the first time but this time it was extreme. They never life threat me but they constantly tried to trigger me by humping my corpse using "Ez" emote or saying "Why you dying?" in chat. Also I never ever receive hate towards any other champion, it's always when I play Pyke people been harassing me. Honestly I feel like I'm having some kind of Yasuo mentality where I'm like Yasuo players and doesn't understand how hated my champion is. I'm just playing him cause I'm good with him and he's fun. Why do people want me to uninstall when I'm having fun? Of course it's not fun when being harassed all game and constantly dying from instant ultimate. Fun fact during that game btw: We won every fight except those fights where I was in. Looking at the replay, the reason we lost those fights was cause people in my team wanted to shield me from the Fizz ult and Cait ults, which basically got them killed and lost us the fight. I should have just gone splitpushing rather than acting as support XD
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