Getting put down and flamed at more because I'm not ranked.

I play a lot of normal Draft pick games, not a fan of ranked mainly because I don't feel the need to have a rank. I've had bad games yes, some where my team feed, I feed or just straight up bad match ups/team comps. One thing that gets on my nerves though is the entitlement issues that ranked players have agaisnt non-ranked players. I try to argue as to why a game is going bad (Calling players out on mistakes, trying to explain where I messed up and yes, flaming {{summoner:14}} ) but it's like shouting at a wall. This is because ranked players feel like they shouldn't have to listen to non-ranked players, thinking they are better just because they have a shiny badge for playing ranked. Yes, it is likely a case they could be/are better than me, but that's not my point. Should players be reported and/or punished for abusing there ranked status like this? If so, what penalties/punishments would be fitted for this?
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