Chat restriction and then straight up ban what gives?

So I recently got served my 1st 25 game chat restriction. Now hear my out. I'm only in toxic in chat cause I want to win. Which like alot of people who flame actually do. Either I get fked over by trolls or people feeding by making stupid mistakes. Anywho I love to win and I love to have fun. Its no fun if people leave the game or feed. So I'm doing my draft games to get rid of the chat restriction and training up evelynn as I want to master her. I got up to 12 games until my restriction would be lifted. This chat restriction was applied roughly 2-3 days ago. Any who today I just did a game were the akali mid laner rage quit after 3 deaths for 5 minutes. the enemy team was massively fed as a result of this. So I went and did jungle and of course died a few times unintentionally. Tried to surrender the game as it pointless to carry on and of course ppl don't want to surrender even though we're 2 drakes down, 15 kills down and underleveled / less cs than enemy team. So I say in chat through my chat restriction open mid akali afk. I then fed roughly 4-5 kills intentionally just to quicken up the game and thought nothing of it as it was a draft game and of course I expected as usual I'll be reported for int feeding even though rest of the team pretty much int feeded. So I finish the game and go straight into another game. but this time stupid ppl pick stupid champions for stupid roles. Jinx = Top Lucian = Mid We lost that game but the jinx kept saying focus but would lose lane and die etc. No doubt I got reported anyways cause noobs like to do that alot. End the game and then I get the message "Player banned" and the client closes. I then find out I've been banned until 29th May. I'd like to know why when I fed maybe 1 game when training up a new champion which feeding is what will happen 100% of time when learning a new champion. Why I got banned straight up as a reason for that.
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