Can we get insanely hard punishments for ragequitters?

In normal games it's not necessary that the punishment is more severe, but I think for ranked you should instantly get demoted several divisons if you ragequit the game. It's insanely easy to make an automated system. Player goes 0/x/0 and quits within the first 15 minutes -> obvious ragequit. So if a player has these stats and left the game in that timeframe AND gets reported for being AFK/Leaving the game that player should get an immediate insanely harsh punishment. At the very least 2 leagues down and optionally a 3 day ban. Repeat offenders should get increasing punishments that get much harsher much quicker than usual. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a game because your idiot toplaner went AFK after 1 death, while your midlane is 9/0 and botlane is 0/0 with even CS.
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