Finally got to promoted to gold but

It was complete rng I got the better teammates for like 8 games in a row, I didn't carry, some games I fed super hard and still got carried. In those few games there was clear smurfs on my team doing all the work and pretty much going 1v5, I know if I was on the other team for all these games I probably would of got demoted to bronze. I'm happy that I achieved gold, it was one of my goals on this game but the way I got to gold just makes me think silver is the most toxic, smurf ridden, elo hell that is not possible to climb unless you are insanely skilled and possible smurfing, duoing with 2 above average players on comms or like me you get some insane luck with teams. The fact silver has players new to ranked with 0 experience playing against veteran players and getting stomped and then the veteran silvers that think they are good play vs some diamond guys smurf and then they get stomped... it just creates such an unfair environment for everybody. tl:dr silver is a toxic mix of skill levels and I'm so happy I'm lucky enough to get out of it :D
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