Is it only my opinion that the word ez is incredibly rude? Not to mention stupid... but just rude

Look, it's not like it's the worst thing in the world... and I'm not pissed or anything... I'm just saying that saying ez every 2 seconds while you're 12/10 it's utterly idiotic and also very rude to your opponent... also, when you say to someone at the end of the game "gg ez" it's like you offer him your hand and then you pull it back and laugh at him... that's a disgusting behavior if you think about it as a picture... if you saw someone doing it I'm sure pretty much all of you, all of us, would want to slap some sense into that brat... why do you think it's cool when you do it through a damn keyboard? Also, if you think you're really good at this game, when you beat someone you should have the self-respect to be a gracious winner and not a sore one... do you think Faker writes ez to everyone he beats??? and for him it may actually BE EASY!!! I'm pretty sure he doesn't... In my honest opinion though, when I see someone being like 25/3, well if he says ez... it's not so weird... and I must say that sometimes even I have said it when my opponent has pissed me off by being bratty while I was beating him to a pulp... but generally people shouldn't say it... Also, one last thing... spamming your champ mastery level over your head every 2 seconds in a normal game is ALSO incredibly idiotic... just saying guys... save some face... don't act like idiots... it's a bit annoying but mostly it makes me sad to see people behaving that way...
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