People who destroyes ranked games!

I really need to talk about something. It's about ranked and people who cant behave themselves when playing it. I just played a ranked solo/duo game and already in champion select things started to go crazy. The support wrote; "I can't go support because I don't have any support champions". He basically wanted to trade lane with someone. I said I could trade with him because I got mid, even if it wasn't a good idea. Then someone else wrote in the chat that only stupid people pick a lane they don't have champions to. But anyway, he never answered me so I went mid and let he have his problem. He picked Ahri and didn't even build support in game, and I didn't care because that's not my problem and it was already too late. Simply, I didn't want to argue with the support. Under the whole game the rest of my team was flaming eachother all the time instead of playing the game. So, of course we lost. Only because people act like they're 12 and can't behave. I'm trying to say that people in ranked are **disgusting**. There are always people who can't stop themselves from writing something stupid in game. And as fast as they write something, the war between the other people in the team are on. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to just not play ranked or to shut up. It isn't that hard. Really. **If you are tiled, then mute people in game. Or stop playng ranked. There are so many people who are destroying ranked games only because they're tilted and write stupid sh*t in game. It's like tilted people only care about themselves. If you're flaming, you maybe get a litte less tilted. But what about the other people? Their game is destroyed because of YOU and of YOU only caring about yourself. Please use your brain before writing something in game or before acting like you were a litte child again. You are probably above the age of a 8 year old so, please grow up. Thank you. ** And also, I have the rights to write all of this. Because I'm one of the few people who are not tilting or flaming in game. I'm always trying to be positiv in ranked and make my team feel hope so we can win. Or if one person are dying many times, I don't flame them. I **KNOW** they're only having a bad game and surprisingly, everyone have a bad game sometimes. Even me. I think people should be more like me when I play ranked, actually. By the way, if someone want to be my duo partner, hit me up. I'm Quimsi on Eu West and I'm in Silver 3 at the moment. I can't get braindead in ranked by myself. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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