Chat ban. whats wrong?

Chat from last match Short story. 5 yasuo vs 5 mundo. I go to jungle since i don't know how to play him, especially vs mundo. Player ended 4/10/2 in this match was on top alone and started to flame me because i farm jungle. All lanes lost, but they continue to flame me even after match. Can you tell me what should i do to not be banned? Ignore team? Stay afk? Leave? Feed? Should i report everyone for every "blame" word vs me? Pre-Game ezdlol: plz not yasuo ezdlol: why yasuo? ezdlol: he is not fun In-Game ezdlol: 4 ranks ezdlol: secret yasuo lovers ezdlol: sect ezdlol: i hate you all ezdlol: i dont know how to play this champ ezdlol: ez ezdlol: i hope you all have fun ezdlol: what did u expect picking situational hard to play champ in blind mode? ezdlol: wait for late? lol ezdlol: mundo will be unkillable ezdlol: stop pinging me stupid ezdlol: report these kids plz ezdlol: i tired of theirs cry ezdlol: they picked useless sh/t champ and flame me why i dont carry them ezdlol: yeah :D ezdlol: yes, i think lol has 100 more useful champs ezdlol: *more useful ezdlol: i could agree that only im bad if only i had bad stats ezdlol: but since rest of team suck ezdlol: they must keep silence to not make me laugh :) ezdlol: yeah ezdlol: 4 players picks yasuo, sucks with him, flame another random player who does not like him ezdlol: :D ezdlol: pathetic pppl ezdlol: lol? ezdlol: they started /all report ezdlol ezdlol: before it they flamed why i play jungle ezdlol: he lost top coz im in jungle :) ezdlol: then continued ezdlol: they picked useles champ and flame me :) ezdlol: when will my team carry ezdlol: i will call him useful :) Post-Game ezdlol: tier this tier that ezdlol: yes i call it useless in blind mode ezdlol: he is ok vs adc ezdlol: when he is stupid enough ezdlol: to waste all attacks to wall ezdlol: it obvious that i kill yasuo with annie ezdlol: i dont cary about walls and jumps ezdlol: ok :D ezdlol: lol ezdlol: it is your problem ezdlol: all lines suck ezdlol: but u blame me :D ezdlol: who did not play on any lane ezdlol: i did not troll stupid ezdlol: i just dont see any reason to fight tanks without items ezdlol: u see - u lost ezdlol: flame yourself ezdlol: sorry, i cant play on 3 lines :D ezdlol: why other 2 lanes lost? ezdlol: your tactics is run away ezdlol: good ezdlol: finally u admit ezdlol: =)

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