Why this game has a lots of griefers and abusive guys

Hey i m playin this game like 3-4 month so all this time i seen lots of griefers , abusive guys , toxic people who die or someone die at lane he automaticly tilt and go base or not joining team fights whole game in ranked games ( i can say lots of griefing methods i belive u know another ways) . Seriously its not easy to climb rank solo when you tryhard game someone ruins your game its not acceptable i bet riot dont care about these people i m not even having fun when having someone like that in my group so basicly i m spending my 30 min in game and someone ruins it ? what is the point of this game i bet some people call me idiot cus i write this problems maybe million times has been posted this issues but its what its . To improve this game riot must get rid of this people or atleast punish them to make them or force to be better player . Have fun

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