Chat Restriction unfairly

Yesterday i was playing a Ranked with a Friend of mine, the whole match went apeshit pretty much at the start when enemy Support (Yuumi) said : "This ADC sucks, im going top" and she actually went top. reacting to this our Support said he leaves bot aswell leaving the 2 ADC´s dueling and wandered to the Toplane. i played Mid against Malzahar who began almost continually roaming with lvl 3. knowing he´s going to the Botlane i pinged the 3 times, like i always do that my midlaner is missing, even moving the pings from Mid to Botlane so Jinx knew she´s in actual danger. it came like i expected and Jinx died getting ganked by Malzahar, which was when she started flaming me for not saying "ss", reacting to this accusation i was asking if she was blind because i was pinging several times that she is in immediate danger. Malzahar then came back to the midlane for ca. 1 minute, then he left again, i pinged, thinking about jinx the max amount of times which is 6 i think. i pinged missing 6 times and after the short cooldown the red "be careful" ping to the other lanes, jinx got ganked and killed again, she called me a noob for not saying "ss" and was flaming quite hard if you think about the fact that this accusation is simply wrong, i was getting really angry, and believe i dont get angry fast at games, thats the job the friend i played with. what made me angry tho is not simply the accusation but also not knowing if she actually meant it, or was simply trolling. when Malzahar went missing again i followed him because i realized i cannot trust my Teammates and went top with malzahar, where i killed him and successfully roamed, then i got called troller and noob by jinx again, for not roaming, which was what i just did, she died again. this pretty much continued until the lanephase was completely over, i will now paste MY chat history in this match, which is really funny from riot showing ONLY MINE WITHOUT CONTEXT WHATSOEVER. Game 1 In-Game Paris Tilton: omg Paris Tilton: gg Paris Tilton: im done Paris Tilton: i shouldnt have trusted you brand Paris Tilton: you better run Paris Tilton: because i wont be called again Paris Tilton: yeah thanks Paris Tilton: tho Paris Tilton: you better get something for better reading then Paris Tilton: gonna make IT REALLY OBVIOUS FOR YOU BLIND PIECE OF SHIT Paris Tilton: decall? Paris Tilton: shut your mouth you trash Paris Tilton: feeding my mid after 4-6 pings Paris Tilton: again, 6 pings Paris Tilton: lets see what happens Paris Tilton: oh who would have thought! Paris Tilton: report this blind as shit adc Paris Tilton: you are the worst Paris Tilton: good job jinx Paris Tilton: brand had some eyes Paris Tilton: you hadnt Paris Tilton: maybe she muted everyone in the beginning thats why she doesnt get my pings? Paris Tilton: not botside no Paris Tilton: you trash dont deserve my roam Paris Tilton: which wouldnt help anyway since you straight up feed Paris Tilton: i really hope my theorie is correct Paris Tilton: SS MID? Paris Tilton: report jinx Paris Tilton: ty Paris Tilton: go back to school and learn to read jinx Paris Tilton: seriously Paris Tilton: gg jinx Paris Tilton: keep it up Paris Tilton: keep feeding jinx Paris Tilton: and go learn how to read words Paris Tilton: could help you one day in life Paris Tilton: so you admit you cant read? Paris Tilton: yeah, got you 4 kills Paris Tilton: youre welcome Paris Tilton: get carried noob Paris Tilton: 5/5 as adc Paris Tilton: seen better Paris Tilton: nice feeding jinx Paris Tilton: doing a fine job Paris Tilton: typical adc Paris Tilton: yeah well he died defending, you died attacking after i pinged 6 times mid is missing Paris Tilton: who is more stupid? Paris Tilton: gj jinx Paris Tilton: and 20 assists ;) Paris Tilton: and only 3 deaths Paris Tilton: you already got 7 Paris Tilton: i roamed top tho Paris Tilton: wont roam a feeding bot Paris Tilton: no you feeded my mid Paris Tilton: exactly Paris Tilton: thats the worst part Paris Tilton: you simply didnt see it because you are blind Paris Tilton: everyone else saw it Paris Tilton: mega noob Paris Tilton: nicer kiddo Paris Tilton: jinx is aswell Paris Tilton: report jinx for trolling and flaming Paris Tilton: and being a blind %%%%%% Paris Tilton: thanks Paris Tilton: half of it stolen, leading the deathcount, and got average assists Paris Tilton: dont worry Paris Tilton: we good Paris Tilton: idiot Post-Game Paris Tilton: report jinx Paris Tilton: thanks now you should imagine between averagely every 2-3 messages of mine a jinx calling me noob, troll and flaming me for mistakes i did not do. not one of the other teammates of mine wrote ONE word so i was completely alone defending myself. now you may say : don´t even care about it. or you dont need to defend yourself. true, i did it anyway, and i got punished for it, me, who pretty much always keeps cool, no matter how shit some people are, who never feeds intentionally, for never trolls just out of spite or for the "fun" of ruining someones game and it kinda hurts. im not writing this for the chance of taking the punishment away from me since it said i only need to play a few matches, tho the taken honorlevel is pretty %%%%ed up. im writing this because i feel like the decision is wrong and want to call it out. anyway, all the cool and nice guys of you, have a nice day, troll´s, you may happily burn somewhere far far away from me.
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