There's no way out of silver I guess?

UPDATE 6; I'm back to Silver 5. After I stepped on Silver 3 shit started again. 70% of my game I had a troll or boosted bonobo in my team (I don't remember a lost that I caused). This is a vicious circle. No way out. After I hit 0 LP I'll rapidly gonna reach to s3 in a day or 2. Then I'll go back to Silver 5. It happened to me at least 15 times. UPDATE 5; Shit started again. Whenever I reach Silver 3 I'M keep having 0 game knowledge people in my team until s5. It's like a vicious circle. I deranked to Silver 4 after a lose streak. UPDATE 4; Ranked Solo/Duo Only 2 games I had feeders, 1 game we couldn't stop tryn.. In a normal game I don't lose that easy. This will go like this until Silver 2. Then my luck will turn back. I'll keep having those feeders. I'll be posted soon. UPDATE 3; Added all of the matches statistics, 6 WINS 7 LOSES. Today was kinda better than yesterday. In those losing games, there was nothing I can do anything better. Maybe in game number 9, I wouldn't trust my team and I could play safer. Game 1, 2, 5, 6 wasn't any of my faults. In game 8, I could snowball better perhaps, but still don't think so, our bot lane was too losing in early and gave 2 free kills to ekko then I had to deal with Ekko. In game 9, I shouldn't have trusted my team and I should have played safer, still wouldn't matter, everyone was killing me so easy even if I was the furthest target. In game 12, I had to shred those tanks armour, was an easy game for ezreal. He could build 3 life steal items. UPDATE 2; I'm going to add today's matches. Match 1 (A+); LOST - That adc must be better than me, must be my fault; Match 2 (A-); LOST - Fed fiora, fed jungler. Lux 1 shots with ult. Doesn't matter if I stay back, Jax jumps on me walking towards my team. I could have purchased ninja tabi but wouldn't save me. Match 3 (A+); WIN - Finally I could have some people that know what to do or at least don't stay in the jungle or don't fed others. Match 4 (A); WIN - One of the easiest games I played. I dived too deep then I died once, I was greedy, Match 5 (S-); LOST - People don't know what to do against maokai's little things. Just don't go into brushes. This game was that simple but my team kept died like that. 14 times to be specific. My support was nice. We did everything we could. Match 6 (B-); LOST - Nothing to say about this. 4-5 men bot lane dive. I'm not gonna mention about those 2 feeders and that baby like blitz, Oh this game is lost oh there is nothing to lose xd etc. Match 7 (B-) - WIN - Was an easy game. Luckily they had feeders this time. I died much because there was nothing to do and wasn't caring. Fiora and Kassadin was so fed. Match 8 (A+) - LOST - I followed your advice and played a different role. Bot lane lost so hard and gave 2 free kills to mid laner. They push too deep without vision and doesn't follow pings. Still, wouldn't matter I was dealing so much damage. Ekko was doing nothing in the lane. I killed over and over again. Match 9 (A-) - LOST - Whenever they saw me they jumped on me. There was nobody to protect me. I didn't get caught, they ignore my team and jump on me no matter what. Enemy adc was full hp in those fights. + we got camped so hard. Could I've done better? Sure, but they kept suggesting surrender. Match 10 (A) - WIN - I tried Varus for the first time in 2 months I guess. I didn't care much, my ults were nice. Them did stuff. Easy win. Match 11 (A-) - WIN - I tried Tristina for the first time. We won again. When I don't give a f. about game we win. I think it's the key to success. (I had 30 cs at 11 minutes. Csing was very difficult when you have an explosive shot) Match 12 (A+) - LOST - Wasn't anyone's fault. Ezreal was lucky to build full life steal. I had to shred their armor. Match 13 (A-) - WIN - One of the most annoying lanes. Twitch + Varus. I started with Doran's Shield. With a nice jungler, we could win. Was the last match of today. UPDATE; Conclusion, there's no way out with this luck. Ty all for taking an interest. I'm done with this game. I'm gonna play for fun from now. Since I'm cursed, no point of trying hard. --------------- OLD; Hi. I'm ADC main and I've played over 500 games in this ELO as ADC. Over 600-700+ in total. I'm consistently having 0-10 players in my team. I'm on a losing streak now. 1 win out of 13 games. How can I get out of this ELO? Playing 1v9 almost every single game. against 4v2 bot lane. A few days ago I barely could win with 94k damage. IGN: New York City if somebody wants to check my teammates' scores. 1-9, 0-10.. Almost every single match. Note: I've played against Diamond-Plat ADCs with another account. I didn't lose my lane in those matches as well. People knew what to do in the game. ------------- Champs I usually play,
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