ok i got chat restriction

but can you give me all the chat and not just my part it dosent show how do the others flame me, i know i should take the flame and muted them but i am not sainted i have rage too, in fact saints have rage too {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Game 1 Darkpang: gg remake Darkpang: second time malpite Darkpang: vn wh ypush Darkpang: you push Darkpang: just last hit Darkpang: ong Darkpang: you are bronze Darkpang: dont pusj Darkpang: isok Darkpang: gd Darkpang: we should Darkpang: adc cant cs cant freeze lane mid manage to die to kata playing as vuktor Darkpang: with what Darkpang: becasue you say you wont win against lucaionn Darkpang: why push lane Darkpang: you did that from the start Darkpang: see push lane Darkpang: ipush lane lol you got poke i give you hp back trard Darkpang: and oi was typing Darkpang: why go in when we have no vision on jg Darkpang: why did you waste award Darkpang: you flame me troll my game ok Darkpang: i will take your ccs Darkpang: gg lost Darkpang: ff Darkpang: viktor wake up Darkpang: roam Darkpang: your laner is here 5 min ago Darkpang: top you feed Darkpang: so plz stfu Darkpang: you tilt me form min 1 Darkpang: lol not imporatant to vbe 0/3 at 15 min Darkpang: shopuld i play or shouldi just afk you are all hopelesss Darkpang: die in bronze Darkpang: ponit is you are so bad Darkpang: tilt or not you are bronze Darkpang: you push lane miss cs Darkpang: because i can see how bad you are and i dont want to let you fed Darkpang: omg Darkpang: wow Darkpang: h so no enegafga i guess Darkpang: i should have stay with sona at least i can do dmg Darkpang: that was a nice chance Darkpang: fuck you you viktor Darkpang: you focus suop Darkpang: and viktor ty for steal jg creeps Darkpang: sigh good feed Darkpang: 6/27 Darkpang: just fff Darkpang: lol Darkpang: 1/8 Darkpang: 0/6 Darkpang: 1/7 Darkpang: i think i didnt feed as bad Darkpang: not as bad Darkpang: can you read Darkpang: poppy die at min 3 Darkpang: blame me on that Darkpang: kata op Darkpang: sadly not a very strong brick
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